Let’s make someday happen!

There is no question that you work hard at your business, but are you working harder or working smarter? Make this your moment to take charge of your future. It’s time to move your creative business forward and raise it to the next level. Someday Consulting can help you get there.

Make yourself stand out as a creative professional in your industry. Establish your brand and start attracting the type of clients you really want. Most importantly, we can show you the pathway to start making money! Areas of focus for coaching include:

  • Figuring Out Who You Are And How You’re Different
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Social Media Platforms & What Will Work Best For You
  • Pricing & Financial Assessment Tools
  • Business Essentials & Systems That Work
  • Getting Reviews & Referrals To Build Your Reputation

If you are an entrepreneur in the wedding or event industry, this is your time to shine. Contact us now to learn more and get started changing the future of your business and having the life you want!

Hear What Others Have To Say…

“Cathy, your support and encouragement has inspired and motivated me. My business has bloomed because of your advice. I appreciate your kindness and sincerity. Also, how you share your experpiences and your vast knowledge. I always learn from you. Thank you for everything!”

Kelly Devera

Owner & Designer, Lovesky Designs Inc.

“I was introduced to Cathy MacRae through a mutual friend who knew Cathy as a highly successful music educator. I was leaving the teaching profession and had a desire to become a wedding and event planner. I had no experience with running a small business. Cathy took me from where I was and made no assumptions about what I should or didn’t know. I asked her many questions and she too asked many questions that made me think about important decisions I needed to make. She took the time to understand my background and often drew similarities from my past experiences to that of being a wedding and event planner. We would brainstorm options. Cathy would readily share her experience and knowledge. With Cathy’s extensive work in the event planning business, she is clearly an expert when it comes to branding a business, working with social media and web design, communication with clients, organizing timelines, dealing with a unique client or situation, as well as pacing her life as an entrepreneur. She is calm in chaos and ha a wonderful sense of humour. I saw firsthand the trust, respect and admiration her clients have for her. As I’ve worked with Cathy she would empower me with more responsibilities and tasks. As a result, my knowledge, skill level, and confidence has grown significantly. My learning curve was steep, I was exhausted…, but completely LOVED the entire experience. She continues to be a strong supporter and I know that she is always just an email and a phone call away. As a new business owner, I would highly recommend Cathy MacRae to be your “go-to” person for helping to create a business you may have only dreamed of.”

Sherri Dlouhy-Stevenson

Bella Dolce Weddings & Events

“Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for your help Cathy! You are such a positive influence in my life and you have surpassed my expectations! I always knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge with the finer details of running a business when I started. When we started working together on figuring out the finer details of a business plan, both your years of experience in running a business and your teaching skills have made a huge impact to my success!


You have a wealth of knowledge, and an extreme eye for detail. I know that us continuing to work together will help me out incredibly! If it weren’t for your support, and your tremendous amount of knowledge of the ins and outs of the wedding industry, I might have thrown in the towel a long time ago! Thank you for keeping me grounded, and going above and beyond to be a consistent support system for me. Anyone that hires you is extremely lucky to have you on their side!”

 Karina Brown, Infinity Weddings and Events, Calgary Wedding Planner



Karina Brown

Infinity Weddings & Events