Trying to plan for your business? Keep track of your personal life? Plan out your social media? Set realistic goals for yourself and your business?


Today’s entrepreneurs need to be able to do all this and so much more. More importantly, for your own efficiency, you need to have everthing in one space. You don’t need the inconvenience of  switching back and forth between different planning and calendar tools.

The Creative Entrepreneur’s Planner was specifically designed with you in mind to make your life easier! Not only have we worked hard to make the layout work for you, but we’ve included tools for monitoring your finances, places to keep track of your social media growth, an area to design dream boards, and other items that creative entrepreneurs like yourself will find useful.

Some of our other key features include:

  • Weekly layouts that begin on Monday so your weekend is grouped all together.
  • Acknowledgement that entrepreneurs don’t work regular 9 to 5 hours Monday to Friday. Evenings are given equal time as morning and afternoons. as well as Saturday and Sundays.
  • A list of statutory holidays, as well as national and international days to utilize on social media and celebrate food, fashion, hobbies, family, and so much more.
  • Places to set specific goals for the month, the week, and even each day to help give you the focus and direction you need to be successful.
  • Places to dream and brainstorm, so you can focus on what you need to grow your business.
  • A spot to celebrate your weekly successes.
  • An area to keep track of your income coming in, your expenses going out, and a spot to figure out how to plan for and make up the difference.