• As an entrepreneur, are you constantly on the go?

  • Are you trying to juggle planning your business while also trying to keep track of your personal life?

  • What about creating content for your social media marketing accounts and deciding what to do next?

  • Are you taking the time to set realistic and achievable goals to help move your business to the next level?

  • Do you have an easy way to keep track of finances so you know where you’re at and what you need?

If you are anything like me, I know your head is spinning just thinking about everything on your plate. Today’s entrepreneurs are being pulled in so many directions. They need to be able to do everything mentioned above and so much more. I recognize that your time is valuable. You have enough to think about focusing on your clients, but you still need to make time for your business, and your family and friends, too. You don’t have time to be going back and forth with different planning tools. My Someday Planner has been designed to provide modern day business owners with the convenience of having everything all together in one place and at their fingertips.

“I checked out My Someday Planner and it’s great!

As someone who uses a planner/agenda book, I appreciate the elements you have added in there to help set up creative entrepreneurs like myself to succeed.

The planner is well thought out. I love the equally large section for the weekend! The planenrs I have bought over the years rarely have that. In this industry our work week as an entrepreneur is different than the typical 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.”

Kelly Devera

Founder & Creative Director, Lovesky Design, Inc.

What is included in My Someday Planner?


  • My Someday Planner Calendar And Social Media Content Planner Social Media Stickers Planner Organizer Social Media Stickers Someday Consulting 2020 Social Media Management And Social Media Planner Academic CalendarA weekly layout for event profiessionals – We’ve designed our weeks to being on a Monday and wrap up on a Sunday to allow those of you who work in the event and wedding industry to keep your weekend activities together.
  • Equal morning, afternoon and evening blocks – Most people don’t work standard 9 to 5 anymore. Giving you equal sized blocks allows you to work and plan at the hours you need to and at the time you need to.
  • Landscape layout – Gives you a litte more room to write out your tasks and goals for each day.
  • Monthly dream boards – Let your imagination run wild! Creative people need to dream. It’s what you do best! Start imagining what is possible and see where it takes you. A critical tool in breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps that will also help you set your monthly and weekly goals.
  • Goal setting – Effective business owners recognize the importance of setting goals for the month, the week, and even the day. The space is there for you easily set them and keep them forefront in your mind.
  • Monthly financial planning – See exactly what you have coming in, what needs to go out, and space to figure out how you are going to make up the difference before month’s end.
  • Social media planning – Posting great content isn’t random luck. It needs to be thought out and planned out. Your content has to be seen as relevant and valuable. We’ve given you the space to keep track and work ahead. Become more purposeful in your planning and you will start to see the results.
  • Social media stickers – Two pages of social media stickers (over 912 individual stickers) to make it easy to track where and when you’re posting. (Stickers include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.)
  • Social media chart – Keep convenient track of your numbers! Are you gaining or losing followers? What are your engagement statistics like? (E.g. Likes, comments, direct messages, shares,…) What accounts are you making the biggest gains on?
  • Holidays & recognition days – Of course you need to be aware of statutory holidays, but what about other National and International Days? Be ready and have the required hashtags at your fingertips for the ones that mean the most to you and your brand!
  • Celebrations – You work hard! too often we forget to take the time to celebrate your wins. Whether they are big or small, it’s time to congratulate yourself on the successes!
  • Weekly to-do lists – We all have them! Prioritize what is most important and keep it visible and forefront in your mind. Check things off as you complete them to track what you have accomplished.
  • Room for pretty – I know you want it! Space has been provided to add the pretty – the color, the stickers, the doodles, and more!
  • A planning tool built for you – Creative professionals don’t think the same ways as everyone else. This planner was built for you to give you the space to dream, the opportunity to prioritize, and just enough structure to keep you organized and on track while still allowing you to be you!

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“Love this just as much as I love the Monday champagne break!!! This looks like the Cadillac of planners!”

Allison Eberhardt

Owner & Lead Wedding Planner/Designer, Et Voila Events

I know the realties of being a small business owner firsthand! It was important to me that I find a way to keep My Someday Planner© affordable for entrepreneurs. While I have found myself paying $80 or more for similar type of products that have the same custom level of detail included in My Someday Planner©, I managed to keep costs down and can offer it to you for $57.50 CAD (about $43 USD). Promotional codes, like the one below, will also be available from time to time to keep it affordable and provide additional cost savings for you.

DISCOUNT CODE:  We’re celebrating the launch of My Someday Planner© by offering all customers 10% discount now until July 15th, 2020. Enter the promotional code LETSSTARTPLANNING (Caps sensitive) at checkout to qualify for the savings. [Discount Code applicable from June 18th, 2020 until July 15th, 2020.]