Cathy MacRae

Workshop Presentations & Conference Speaker

Connecting with others for maximum impact!

“Cathy is clearly an expert when it comes to branding a business, working with social media and web design, communicating with clients, knowing how to market your business, as well as how to pace your life as an entrepreneur.”

– Sherri Dlouhy-Stevenson, Bella Dolce Weddings


Cathy MacRae is a passionate speaker who is able to connect with audiences of all sizes and ages. She is authentic, relevant and communicates in an engaging style that educates, motivates and inspires her audience. For her, it is critical to present material in a way that attendees can leave with realistic and achievable take-aways that they can start to implement into their life and business practice right away. She has a strong desire to help creative entrepreneurs grow their business and is available to speak on a vareity of topics from social media and branding, marketing techniques and more. She has presentaed at local and international conferences and workshops.

Public Speaking

Workshops & Conferences

Workshops & Presentation Possibilities

  • Selling Versus Storytelling: How A Mindshift In Sales Will Make All The Difference
  • 5 Must-Have Marketing Moves For Wedding Professionals
  • Social Media & Self-Care: Setting Boundaries and Realistic Expectations To Avoid Burnout
  • Every Second Counts: Why First Impressions Matter So Much In the Wedding Industry
  • Branding Your Business And Establishing Your Niche
  • Client Catchers And The New And Improved Sales Funnel 2.0
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Getting Ahead In The Wedding Industry (Collaborations, Preferred Vendors, and Connecting With Clients
  • Pricing And How To Charge What You Are Worth
  • Social Media Tips / Instagram Expert
  • Wedding & Event Industry Website Essentials
  • Diversifying And Growing Your Wedding Business
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance In A Crazy And Demanding World