My Someday Planner© Calendar & Social Media Planner (June 2020 - August 2021)

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ON SALE NOW - My Someday Planner© Calendar & Social Media Planner - the ultimate planning tool designed exclusively for creative entrepreneurs by a creative professional who understands your specific needs! A planner book (current edition is based on the Academic Year from June, 2020 through August, 2021) that helps you keep your business and life organized, set long-term and short-term goals to help move your business forward, and provides you with space to plan out your social media content.

  • Includes ample space for writing out your daily tasks and activities including equal-sized morning, afternoon, and evening spots to recognize that not everyone works 9 to 5 anymore.
  • Weeks start on Monday for those in the event industry whose events can involve the entire weekend.
  • Spots to plan out your weekly focus and To-Do List priorities.
  • Daily spots to plan out your social media activity and keep track of engagements (e.g. likes, comments, shares, reposts, bookmarks, ...) if you wish.
  • Monthly dream board areas for brainstorming, attracting your future, or figuring out how to break down big concept ideas into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Monthly financial tracking tools so you know where you are at and what you still need to do.
  • A Year-At-A-Glance so you can look ahead and decide what things need to be done when.
  • Space to plan out long-term and short-term goals for each month.
  • Weekly spots to celebrate achievements big or small.
  • Includes Canadian and American Holidays plus numerous social media "recognition" days that may be important to your brand.
  • Over 900 stickers to customize your social media and blog posts.
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